A New York delicacy consisting of a roll, semi-scrambled egg, american cheese, and bacon. You can get this from the corner store or bodega. It is not a "bacon, egg, and cheese" it is one word. It is primarily served with an Arizona Ice Tea.
Friend 1: Hey you want anything from the corner store?
A New Yorker: Yeah, let me get a baconeggandcheese
Friend 1: A what
A New Yorker: You know the roll, the egg, the bacon....a baconeggandcheese
Friend 1: Oh iight bet. I'll get you an Arizona, too.
by Kat9275 July 5, 2017
This is what you say to the ock in the corner store.

Ayo Bumboclot Lmee Get A Baconeggandcheese!
by VirgoKing123 March 17, 2020
The worst sin a man can ever commit. It is the universes number 1 unwritten rule. Baconeggandcheese with no bev is like having a cheeseburger wit no cheese, its like having a dried ass popeyes biscuit with no form of liquid consumption right after. If you order a baconeggandcheese wit no bev, sleep with one eye open. It is the most inhuman and disgusting thing you can possibly order. People who have a baconeggandcheese wit no bev will be the downfall of the human race and have been proven by my fantastic psychological skills that these people inherit atleast 3 neurological disorders including schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s, and cerebral palsy. I conclude my argument.
NYC enthusiast: yo bro what u want me to order for you.
Random kid: get me that baconeggandcheese.
NYC enthusiast: alright cool, what bev you wan-
Random kid: no bev.
Nyc enthusiast: wait what?
Random kid: I said no bev.
Nyc enthusiast: y- your joking right? (Chuckles lightly)
Random kid: Nigga, I said no bev.
Nyc Police: FREEZE! YOU ARE UNDER ARRESTED FOR HAVING A BACONEGGANDCHEESE WITH NO BEV! *shoots civilian 20 times in the chest*
by Bigassballs69 May 6, 2022