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Thise maybe tough to understand but help me out here. Backwards racism is when a race (usually white people) is shown no "special" treatment. As in they are considered basic and therefore have no heritage etc... Don't believe me? Think about this:ever see any sort of heritage events for white people? Ever see any sort of special clubs at school for white people? If you try to start a club and they ask what you are, white won't be an answer. White is considered the basic and therefore deserves nothing extra. Another thing, if a white person says something like nigger or even black guy, he's racist, yet white boy is as bad as those two, considered normal. White people are a race and should be treated like one.
White people are to race as white is to color:how many times have you heard someone say:white isn't a color?
by GoGiants July 31, 2005
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