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a controlled technique of liking, used in social media, in which you like past photos or status updates of a person to produce such effects as embarrassment or shame by drawing attention to separation of past reality and current persona when their friend list is flagged to see what you're backliking.
After Geoffrey realized he'd been placed on a restricted list meant to keep him from seeing he'd been stood up he saw only her older photos and they were much less appealing so he sought revenge by backliking her older less attractive photos sending a flurry of notifications to all her current friends reminding them and any new beaus of the extra weight she'd been carrying years prior.
by Dew(ed) December 19, 2017
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back·lik·ing bak-lahyk-ing
verb, alt. back lik·ing, back-lik·ing.

1. in social media, stating public approval in return for receiving a statement of approval.
2. reciprocal approval, as opposed to a true statement of significant personal, cultural or semantic interest.
So Sean suggested we increase our Facebook likes by starting a backliking campaign.
by MarketingIdeas101 June 10, 2012
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