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Caribbean term for sensually gyrating in a forward bent over position, most often in front of a male while partying, sometimes also touching the ground with hands.

Reffered to as recieving by males and giving by females.
At the last street jam Max got some good backball.

Marcia raked out her ass and gave some crazy ass back ball.
by da_real_max August 23, 2005
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Combination of back bone & balls (testicles) ... to have a spine. Better than gonads.
My manager has no backballs, that's why I keep getting screwed with extra work from the corporate office.

I told my bro to have some backballs and go holla at that sexy ass chic at the bar !
by AceLoyal June 07, 2014
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The sight of a gentleman's testicles through his trousers from behind e.g. When an elderly man bends over to pick up the free papers. Ball Balls
"Fuck me grandad I can see your back ball!"
by D-bub January 10, 2016
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