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Definition 1: When you're at the club/bar with your friends and one of your friends leaves without saying goodbye and you didnt notice his/her absence until you were outside of the club/bar.
Ex: "We was looking for you outside, Baccab. That's fucked up!"
by L1N0 March 30, 2008
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Use 1 - noun - a text that is the result of sitting on your phone. These text messages in particular usually end up getting sent to every person in your address book.

Use 2 - noun - 22 2 222 222 2 22
Person A - "Hey, you sent me a text last night and it made no sense whatsoever. 'Baccab' Is everything alright?"

Person B - "Yea, that went to everyone in my phone. I have no idea how it happened."
by foxfoxfoxfox September 11, 2012
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