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An extraordinarily large penis
"How the hell did he expect me to fit that baby arm of his into my mouth?!?!"
by Conan Troutman August 08, 2003
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a small child-like arm on an adult; a greeting or departure of used by P1's
man1: later dude

man2: alright, babyarm
by Todd Vaughn October 15, 2003
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This phrase, recently popularized by the "Lee Corso has a baby arm" sign seen at the 2006 Texas/Ohio State football game broadcast, originated on the Ticket, 1310 AM in Dallas, TX. A weekend morning show called The Rant, hosted by Gordon Keith proposed a hypothetical after a long discussion about Grady Stiles (the man with "lobster claw" hands that became a sideshow legend). The hypothetical was as such:
Would you rather have a baby arm (an arm that is far underdeveloped on a full size person, which is a common defect), or a lobster claw?
The lobster claw would be on a normal sized arm, so it's a normal arm with the claw or a mutant mini baby sized arm on a regular sized person.
Baby arm has become a generic phrase used by the staff of the Ticket as well as the listeners. It is mostly a greeting, and has been championed most in recent times by BAD Radio (a show on the Ticket), although all hosts might spit it out here or there. Dan McDowell, co-host of the BAD Radio show actually wrote a song about baby arm and performed it at the Ticket's yearly convention called Ticketstock. It was set to the tune of Candyman.
In recent times, the phrase "baby arm" has been surpassed in popularity by the phrase, "have good and get give", which is a shortened version of "have good and get give on a get give Sunday with three times the catfish face fry", which was something callers Luke and Josh used to utter when they phoned the afforementioned "Rant" radio program. Basically, the phrase is nonsense and part of a larger game known as bandsaw, the definition of which can be found on this very site.
"Hey-what's up!?"
"baby arm!"
"would you rather have a baby arm or a lobster claw?"
by Guysports September 14, 2006
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I heard jorge from Touching Faith is packing one sweet baby arm!
by UrFan June 02, 2006
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Look ma' my babyarm sprouted
by Evan December 23, 2003
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"Who's got a babyarm?"

by Mike December 17, 2003
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Another word for a penis. Also a body part on a baby.
"Hey Melanie, did you get any baby arm last night?"

"Of course, I get baby arm at least twice a week, Daniella!"
by WhisperingEyePBHS September 26, 2009
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