Expression exclaimed after insulting someone
Origin: Family Guy
All this time keeping people form having sex, now i know how the Catholic Church feels. BA-ZING!!!
by h2thaBizzle March 09, 2005
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Can be heard on the cartoon show "Family Guy" used at the end of a sentence in which someone said something witty or even a joke.
Person 1: Man this shit is tight!
Person 2: That's what your momma told me last night, Bazing!
by p0stal February 07, 2005
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A much more updated and cooler way to say zing
Person 1: What are you doing?
Person 2: What aren't I doing? Ohhhhh, BAAAzing!
Person 1: Jesus hates you.
by AssPirate November 07, 2004
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The sometimes witty banter between two, to each other, completely unknown IRC users, often involving leud remarks regarding the dubious relationship of parents BEFORE marriage, references to former sexual indiscretions or suggestions to engage in sexual intercourse with one self...
<Wolfrage> Thats MR. inbred bald little poof.
<Rotator> I'll call you Mister when you marry my skanky ass mom :)
<Wolfrage> Then you'd be calling me Milkman.
<Rotator> Yeap.. Or based on your webcam... Michelin Man...
by Dennis Haagensen January 20, 2004
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