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A BlackBerry Storm or similar BlackBerry phone that is trying to compete with an Apple iPhone. It doesn't quiet measure up.
I sent some pics from my bPhone to Mike but he said they showed up blurry. I wish I had an iPhone. Mike's pics are sharp.
by word333 May 27, 2009
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A Windows Phone that a Microsoft employee keeps at work specifically for meetings with Steve Ballmer. Often found without any SIM card and no cellular service, they are displayed during "Ballmer meetings" rather than listening to Microsoft's CEO rant about seeing the employee's iPhone, which they use the rest of their lives outside of the meeting.
"Dude, the meeting with Ballmer is in 10 minutes. Be sure to grab your bPhone so we don't have to listen to him scream about Apple for the first half of the meeting."
by GringoRingo June 03, 2013
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