A term used by wankstas to send a message to today’s youth to stay in school. The reason for the misspelling of "B" and c "kool" is another way of saying stay in school or your going to grow up to be a lossa with no job no education and a couple illegitimate children and a call from the Maury Povich show asking you to take a maturity test to see if you are the father of a 5 and a half year old boy which clearly isn't yours because you don't have the same bone structure but it turns out that "YOU ARE....THE FATHER!" and the next thing you know you get smacked in the head with a metal chair from your one night stand while she screams "YOU ARE MY BABIES DADDY!" and you wonder where the Steve the bodyguard is but then you realize that he’s on the Jerry Springer show.
"yo homie i'm gonna drop outta skool." "No bro B kool stay in school."
by lauraz June 21, 2006
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An expression used by wiggers who worship that dickhead Vanilla Ice. However, the people who say this are being completely hypocritical because wiggers are known for not completing school. Also, many wiggers drop out of school in order to do drugs which they think makes them more cool as if they were to finish high school. Also, the "k" used for the word "kool" should be spelled with a "c" and the "K" is obviously a reference to the KKK, something that would not like a wigger. This expression was first used by Vanilla Ice in his 1992 movie "Cool as Ice" at the very end of the film, so that is obviously where the wiggers get it from.
The wigger said:" b kool stay in school."
by Anonymous June 30, 2003
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