Short for back in the day.

Referring to something in the past.
I listened to Nirvana b in the d.
by Anti-Climacus October 5, 2006
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"I've got so many B's on my D!"

"My D must be covered in honey because there's B's all over it!"
by stewie noodles December 18, 2007
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smoke a blunt to the dome/smoke a marijuana filled cigar by yourself
I'ma S a B to the D then I'll be over there.
by Pat Richey March 7, 2008
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some shit quovo commented when ye posted his old house
by tylerokonmacum August 21, 2021
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Bondage and Discipline, for you uncultured fucks that still think missionary is the standard.
Though it's still a fairly taboo subject, B and D is rather common.
by leloser January 8, 2007
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