the best meme that some people think is dead but it isn't. It's official use as an emoji was Blood type B but, it has become a meme where you put the b emoji in front of every word replacing it's first letter.
The B emoji is my most used emoji because it's such a cool meme!
Bamburgers Bare Bummy! = Hamburgers are yummy!
The B emoji is so lit!
by thicc_b June 24, 2018
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its a common meme used by people that aren't norms
peter: do you have any B emojis

meme page admin: no but we have Bepis
by prebennymark October 12, 2017
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Used a lot in ghetto memes
Example: Hey Beter
Jimmy neutron: hey Beter <that's a B emoji
Peter(family guy): yes jimmy neutron from jimmy neutron?
Jimmy neutron: Your PETARDED
Peter(family guy): HOLD THE MAYO!!!
Holy crap follow for free iphone 4
by thicc_robot August 28, 2017
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nothing. it means nothing. not boy pussy. no. it means nothing. it is a word with no meaning.
*Is listening to Palaye Royale*
Me: this song is so good I'm Bopping my Bussy (with the red B emoji) .
by cynicaltimepiece October 5, 2017
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