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A feminine name that derives from the name of the Azalea flower. Females with this name tends to be shy and timid around people but will show their true colours once it is the right tumd. The tends to have an eye for creativity and a passion in what they believe in. Their personality differs in different people with different principalities , but they remain true to who they are. Males with this name is often rare but is true. They act with a strong front by hides a soft being inside. From all perspective of the people he may be surround himself with, he is considered as a man who may be overconfident in himself, but is also easily underwhelmed. From a gender neutral perspective, it means someone who is very true to themselves but lack the courage needed to show. People with these names often act wearily in their actions for they are afraud of what their outcome may be. Their optimism often overthrows their negativity but will not be afraid to stand up for whats right. People with these names are introverted though some may be ambiverted. They have a high sense of creativity and also a high sense of friendliness once surrrounded by the right friends. Once hurt, the person should be consoled immeadietly to deter from further complications. An Azzalia is a good friend, and should always be kept.
"She's such an Azzalia! Look at all those paintings!"
"He's being too much of him, of Azzalia, he needs more confidence to fight tge patriarchy in this world,"
"Ze is such an Azzalia, a good friend, ya'll should befriend zem,"
by Kay Zee December 27, 2017
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