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a very sexy man with a astonishing jawline. He'll make all the girls swoon!
person 1: "Look! It's Ayhm! person 2: "Oh my, I can only dream!!"
by yumbee January 20, 2018
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word to denote a middle aged jobless homosexual islamic terrorist who has a fetish for injecting sharp objects into his ass, beer bottles, knives, screwdrivers, etc.
Person 1: "Damn, this gay nigga is being an ayhm with all those glass shards in his asshole."
Person 2: "True, he has no life."
by jeffmachenry June 15, 2018
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the act of behaving in a cunty manner while residing in the middle eastern region.
1.that guy sure is being an Ayhm
2. look at that Ayhm over there being a cunt
by definitely_not_tapir February 20, 2018
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