oh my god. ( in spanish ) mostly said when..
1. some one it's getting on your nerves.
2. some thing bad just happend.
1. Ay dios mio! Tu me tienes loca. Deja me ya.

2. Ay dios mio. I can't beleive you broke that. Mami is going to beat your ass.
by shy January 4, 2005
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Ay Dios Mio, tengo mucho tarea
Oh my God, I have so much homework
by Diane December 10, 2004
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Often comically used for emphasis after a lame joke, similar to a groan.
Person A: "Did you hear about the fish that went deaf? He had to buy a herring-aid."
Person B: "Ay dios mio."
by subhuman85 August 16, 2006
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A phrase that Domingo Ayala yells out whenever he feels pain or after he’s taken a swing during BP
(Domingo falls off bike) “Ay dios mio coño
by Jahamez May 16, 2019
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