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Any spoilt immature troll who, usually appears in internet forums, and posts irrelevant topics and/or unnecessary comments that does not relate to the topic thread given by another party.

Is usually fed with tremendous amount of negative feedbacks by other internet forumers, and posts topics that involves provocative and vulgarities e.g. sex, drugs, money, e.t.c.
Originally Posted by Awok3nChild

i tried prostate massage b4 but its disgusting and i dont feel anything

Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Im Too Rich!!! ^_^ << THE WOES OF BEING RICH>> ^_^


despite my name 'child'

im no kid. im turnin 18 soon.

so, as my dad promised me, he would grant me permission to buy a car for myself. but im in a dilemma.

which car should i choose?

BUDGET: 800 000 SDG ( + or - 50k)

and i will get my COE and liscence in no time too.
( i cnt afford Lam yet cuz its 1m, now only got 800k)

so which should i choose?

orgasms!!! i heard some people are able to achive 2 simultaneous orgasm..

how did they do it??? have u experienced b4??
by about trolls August 27, 2009
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