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a member of the "awkward objects" community of phrases.

formed by the relaxed and smooth crossing of the wrists featuring the somewhat vertical placement of the arms to form the trunks of the tree. the fingers are then free to move as though they are blowing in the awkward wind.
my personal favorite "awkward" is the awkward palm tree.
by bethhameggs July 21, 2008
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An extension of awkward turtle where one arm is placed horizontally whilst the other stands vertically on top, swaying as if in a breeze. Often used to break tension and silence in a room when the awkward turtle doesn't quite do enough! Can be extended by mimicking coconuts falling off the palm tree.
misha: well this is awkward...
georgia: *awkward turtle*
... still awkward....
misha: *awkward palm tree*
by tulipgirl January 23, 2011
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Used to describe a situation that is not only awkward, but like the branches of a palm tree, a shady situation
When at a party a guy starts hooking up with another chick, different from the one he brought in front of her.
In recollection- he was not only awkward, but shady.

Thus, awkward palm tree
by Nicola Coreleone August 30, 2008
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The awkward palm tree is similar to the awkward turtle. Just as the awkward turtle is used to acknowledge an awkward pause or silence the awkward palm tree is a discrete way to signal to your friends that you are in an awkward situation and they need to come save you. The awkward palm tree is created by letting your wrists go limp so your arms and hands form a "V" and then crossing your arms at the wrist. In certain situations it may be appropriate to shout "awkward palm tree" or hold your hands in the sign above your head as a better signal to your friends.
Creepy Guy: So how are you?
Kate: Um... I'm pretty good. How are you?
Creepy Guy: ... Do you have a boyfriend?

Kate: *awkward palm tree* Uhhh... I... Um...
Kate's Nearby Friend: Hey Kate! I really need to talk to you! Can you come over here?
Kate: Yes I can!
by thisbmypseudonym March 13, 2011
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