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The shortened name of the fake robot played by Eric Cartman on South Park: The Awesomo 4000. This involved Eric assembling two big boxes, a blinking red light, and a false speaker and set of robotic eyes, along with the name across the "chest". This was in an attempt to get personal secrets out of Butters, the pathetic-sounding blonde kid.
Some of Cartman's Awesomo 4000 quotes:
-Awesomo does not understand.
-Awesomo will answer the door.
-Awesomo must rest his CPU!
-I am the Awesomo 4000.
-No asswipe! Get me down from here!
-Adam Sandler falls in love with a girl, but she turns out to be..a golden retriever.....or something.
-Suck my balls, Kyle.
-G**Dammit! I've got to find that videotape!
by Damyankee March 27, 2005
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1)An awesome way of saying awesome.

2)A mock of the Japanese made robot, Asimo.
1)Rob: I got a PSP
Bob: That is awesomo!
2)"I am Awesomo." - Cartman
by Ken March 25, 2005
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See Awesome..Only More So! Something Described As Awesom-o Is EXTREMELY Awesome! Is Sometimes Followed By Derp.
'Woah Dude, That Was Awesom-o!!..Derp!'
by Phrankus September 28, 2004
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used as a one word response is very similar to the word coolio.
John: aww just been banging marie hard
Harry: awesomo *high five*
by uberlolage September 10, 2010
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