Awesomecakes makes use of the '-cakes' suffix as an all-purpose strengthener, akin to '-pants' and '-tastic'. Thus, something that is awesomecakes is awesome to an especially bodacious degree.
"Wasabi on sushi is all right, but it's awesomecakes on toast."
by sharkcowsheep December 23, 2006
A situation or occurrence which brings forth feelings of 1) joy, 2) elation or 3) excitement in the one who experiences it. Used to describe those rare situations which are "beyond awesome," and therefore require the inclusion of something ELSE awesome (such as cake) to capture the fullness of just how great and amazing it is.

Note: Things that are "awesomecake" do NOT necessarily have ANYTHING to do with cake.
"The latest Star Trek movie was pure awesomecake."

"I totally aced my LSAT exam -- awesomecake!"

Incorrect Usage: "I had an awesomecake day."

Correct Usage: "My day was awesomecake"
by J. Marcus Xavier May 12, 2009
A cake which exceeds all other standards of a cake. This cake, held by no boundaries, is pure awesome.

Generally, this cake is a Dairy Queen cake, layered with awesome. On the surface of this cake is a picture. This picture contains the recipient's two hottest friends, thus making the cake an awesomecake.
She got him an awesomecake for his birthday, and he was delighted beyond all measure. It was cake. It was awesome. It was an awesomecake.
by New123098 April 2, 2009
Fantastic, excellent, a wonderful feeling, a wonderful thing. Like eating the best cake ever. Maybe you shouldn't, but it's so lovely, you can't resist. That's awesomecakes.
"My team's win tonight? Awesomecakes!"

"I kissed that girl last night. Man...Awesomecakes."

"Wuthering Heights? Awesomecakes. Mos def."
by blarnaya February 23, 2010