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The Awesome Trio is based on the three countries America, Denmark and Prussia from Axis Powers Hetalia or just Hetalia. It isn't that clear if the group is a part of the manga/anime or if the fandom made it up based on how the countries acts. For example, America is often referring himself as the 'hero' and is very loud, Prussia is always saying a sentence with the word awesome in it, and goes around saying how awesome he is, also he has quite a liking to beer. Much like the other two countries Denmark is both loud, funny, drinks beer very often, and have a very childlike charcter but can be serious when needed. Now with all of them combined together you get a group that likes to party, be loud, maybe pranking people and overall taking it easy and having a good time. And another thing that they all have in common is that they seem to be able to stay sober for a long period time. That's how they got the title 'Awesome Trio'.

America can be a little bit stubborn sometimes, he's loud and obnoxious, loves hamburgers / fast food, and easily annoys England

Prussia claims he is awesome all the time, drinks beer and annoys Germany
Denmark claims he's the king of Europe, drinks often, loud, exited, pissing of Norway all the time
Germant: What are you guys doing?
Prussia: the awesome trio is holding a meeting West, but maybe that's not something that someone as in awesome as you would understand

(I explain things miserably)
by Awesome Trio April 09, 2016
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