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john's mom give sum krunk ass awesome jawsome and it was the greatest in the world. I came 5 times (eyes, jaws, nostrils, ears, and her buttox)
by mike n charles May 23, 2005
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The act of giving or receiving oral sex. Most commonly referred to the act of receiving oral sex from a partner who is on their cycle due to the inability to have sex. Due to recent usage it has expanded to being used as a replacement for saying really good head.
EX1. Girl 1: Girl I Just Got Some Awesome Jawsome!

EX2. Girl 1: We Can't Do It I'm On My Cycle.

Boy 1: Wazzup Wit Some Awesome Jawsome Then?
by TheYungPhresh September 24, 2010
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The ultimate word had it not been coined by a goddamn brit.
Guy 1: Awesome Jawsome.
Guy 2: Fucking brit.
Buy 1: What?
by Zmanl0p4 August 10, 2004
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