so far beyond awesome that the spelling had to be changed. Few people or things in this world can reach this high of a level.
Sally is so awesmoe that everytime I see her I have a spontaneous orgasm.
by Gerally D. Smarty August 7, 2007
It's like awesome, but with a bit more 'moe', or a combination of awesome and cute.
that guitar-playing bunny is so awesmoe! ^___^
by megakazi January 29, 2011
Definition of awesmoe means awesome only we're too lazy to spell it right and correct it.
Hey dlude that was tolaty awesmoe!
by Jessizzle and Kempizzle July 24, 2004
it means awesome in kempizzle and jessizzle words!
Hey Jessizzle ur tolaty awesmoe dlude!
by Kempizzle August 9, 2004