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Awesaur is the joining of the words awesome and dinosaur and can have multiple meanings, depending on context.

1. A purely descriptive term used to describe a dinosaur, or something dinosaur-related, that is awesome.

2. In the case of "being an awesaur", the term is used to describe an action someone is undertaking or has just accomplished that relates to dinosaurs and is awesome.
Examples include dancing to Michael Jackson's Thriller while miming having the tiny claws of a t-rex.

3. I relation to description 2, occasionally "being an awesaur" can take on a different meaning. It is a frame of mind for people of a specific nerd subcategory.
It refers to people of a very nerdy disposition who also happen to be part dinosaur. In this case, being part dinosaur refers to personality traits such as a love of stomping and menacing of the general populace, use of the word rawr in conversation, appreciation of dinosaurs and dinosaur related products, and approval of a general scaly appearance.

See dinoriffic, dinorawr, dinosaurness
See also Scale of Dinosaurs
1. "Wow...the raptors from Jurassic Park are totally awesaur!"

2. "Did you see him doing that awesaur impression of the t-rex from Dinosaur Comics?"

3. Her; So what's with all the dinosaur toys?
Him; Mike's an awesaur. Y'know, part dinosaur.
Her; ...what?
Him; Yep. Just think of them as family photos.
Her; No. That's stupid.
Him; Stop being intolerant, there's more of us than you think, and you don't see us making fun of your Dawson's Creek collectibles.
by Kiasyd January 04, 2010
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