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averyanna is bold,she is powerful she only trusts who trusts her.she don't care who talk about her because she think its funny she loves to laugh and joke, she is funny. Averyanna is real she's not fake. she speaks the truth and do not sugar cold anything! Nothing. she is the type of girl that will speak her opinion she's a troublemaker but good in the heart. she cares who ever cares for her, she love helping and regrets everything she did wrong. Averyanna can be a good friend but you have to be the kinda twin to her she is beautiful with great pretty hair but her petty-ness can sometimes bring people to joy.she is the type of girl if you have something to say say it where she can here you,not when she's not there she has a kind heart but she is still strong she thinks and loves to get her information,she loves to get things done.she's a conqueror,she's a Wonderful person.
by R’riyonah carter February 12, 2018
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