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Autohedonism is the practice of attaining sexual gratification by oneself, rather than with a partner. It is masturbation pursued as one's usual outlet for sexual tension. The word is derived from two Greek words which, taken together, may be translated as "self pleasure".

A person who practises autohedonism is called an autohedonist. (Or rather he calls himself that, as he is not likely to disclose his practice to anyone.) He may or may not employ visual or literary aids (i.e. erotica or pornography) in the act of pleasing himself.
Henry loved women, there was no doubt about that, but he loved them imperfectly; he enjoyed looking at them and imagined what he would do with one once he earned one's trust far enough to entice her into bed, but he hardly knew what to do with her out of it. His ineptitude out of the sack ensured a short and, in the end, acrimonious affair with every woman with whom he came into contact. Finally he gave up the pursuit of women for his bodily gratification and became a devotee of autohedonism, thereafter content merely to look at pictures of women in magazine or on websites, for inspiration in his solitary pleasure.
by Rupert Gilstrup August 06, 2011
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