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The most uncontrollable and natural fap fap fap action. It's a special term reserved for ONLY the hottest chicks. Guys don't need any invitation to fap to an autofap girl. She is fappable to the most extreme extent. An autofap chick is not your regular pretty or cute girl, she's amazingly beautiful, hot and sexy. A body to die for. A cutie who triggers wet dreams without the sleeping part. As the word suggests, faps to this girl are automatic and just happen because it's so natural in her case. Guys just can't help it when this girl shows up. Warning: this may cause inconvenience to others around you. The word can be used both as a verb and a noun.
Eg.1: After coming across a picture of a hot lingerie clad Russian chick, Mike went on autofap.

Eg.2: Hey dude, after visiting that forum, you'll go on autofap.

Eg.3: I couldn't wake up this morning because I lost all my energy autofapping last night.

Eg.4: Dave couldn't avoid messing up his bed because he had autofapped.
by p.ab June 27, 2011
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