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When somebody licks (or rims) their own anus.

-It DOES NOT taste bad if you do it right! It actually tastes pretty good according to most.
-It feels "amazing". In this case it is a form of masturbation.
-Autorimming IS POSSIBLE via backward or further forward contortion. People who can perform autofellatio can possibly do this!
-Autorimming can cause problems (some due to the extreme contortionism and others due to that the anus wasn't clean). So use caution and any pain is a bad sign!

This would be classified as the higher personal goal for men by most then autofellatio because it apparently feels better.

These words DO NOT REQUIRE a hyphen (like auto-fellatio can be autofellatio).

This also does not make you gay. Not even bisexual. You remain the same sexuality.
1# Can you perform autoanilingus?
2# Do you mean autorimming?
1# Same thing.
2# Yes, It feels amazing.
by TheGuyWhoDefinesStuff October 16, 2011
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