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austrian words, which:

aren't very nice

not usally used in everyday life

just typical autrian :)
austrian words pt.1

ei = a
er = a
sch = shhhhhh...
ä is sometimes pretty similar to ai (like tony blair)
or just like äääääääääääähhhhhhhh at the dentist
z = ts
e is sometimes like e, but not that, which is sounds like iiihhhhh, more like...if you take the word reject, austrian e is called like the second e in reject
and sometimes like ä

därrisch - deaf

ungustl - unsympathetic human

scheangln - squint

batschn - slippers

narrisch - going mad

kebbln (e=ä) - scold

jausn - snack

hockn - work

ferl (er=a) - mug

raunzn - whine

sandler (er=a) - alcoholics, who are homeless

habarer (er=a)/habschi -
buddy or unpleasant word for boyfriend

umadum - around

gatschhupfer (er=a) - off-road moped

fad - boring

schlagobers (er=a) - whipped cream

oida -
strictly speaking oldie, but that's mostly not what we mean
it's more like oida, you suck
it is often said, if you are annoyed, but there are other meanings too, like:
look at that oide (female version)
it's an awful description for women

brunzn - piss

nudlaug -
only an insult for men, the word is for the male genital's urethral opening
'cause nudl = noodle and stands for the penis
aug = eye and stands for the opening

wuzler (er=a) - table football

liptauer (er=a) -
a spread of pepper and soft cheese, made from sheep's milk - it can be mild or hot

wappler (er=a) - idiot

grindig - disgusting

schaßaugert (er=a) - bad seeing
by theycallmeredhead August 15, 2011
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