1. The sister of one's stepgrandparent.
2. The stepsister of one's grandparent.
My step-great-aunt is a good person.
by Elivaldeq November 24, 2019
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The lady down the street who gives me my Percocet.
Dude, I got my Percocets from my street aunt.
by Streetdoc November 11, 2015
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"What's your favourite sex position?"

"The Aunt Bessie..."

"What's That?"

"I just lay there like a bag of spuds"...
by Duttysoundboyy February 25, 2020
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Onkel og tantegjeng (Uncle and Aunt-gang)

Is a group of people who are in their mid 20`s, normally couples, who rather enjoy staying in and playing board games than going out to drink. This is ok occasionally, but not every saturday night for the rest of your life.
So what are you up to this weekend? "Oh I`m going camping with the uncle and aunt gang".


Whats your plans for Friday? - Oh im just having tacos with the uncle and aunt gang.
by kunktown October 18, 2016
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The worse insult known to mankind. It Completely annihilates ur mom gay, ur dad lesbian, ur granny tranny, ur gramp tramp, ur sister a mister, and ur brother a mother. It even destroys the infamous No U. Once said the user automatically becomes a god. The person who is told these words will shit their pants and die of cancer.
Jason :
Max: No U
Jason: That’s it you leave me no choice but to unleash the forbidden words
Max: do it fag you won’t

Jason: ur aunt a cunt
Max: *shits in pants and dies if cancer*
by Jsmahser April 13, 2018
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