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Aujanae means powerful and complete Aujanae is sometime sensitive but if you get her nerves too much she will give you some thing or someone to talk about she has the bestes friends in the world she can also talk her butt off and be a butthole but will tell anyone when their being a buthole she’s pretty and she nice and she can slay like Beyoncé but it might take you a while to see the real Aujanae cause she doesn’t like to open to much and she really funny friends think she will grow up to be a comedian but nawwwwwww she’s good but not that good and she rather get lit with all her friends then talk and gossip (sometime)
Who is that over there by the tree getting lit with finesse. Oh that’s Aujanae over there killing it
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by 🤤😘😍 May 17, 2018
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Amazing ,is one word a word to define aujanae is smart every aujanae out there is smart ,beautiful, and got an attitude. Some aujanae's also like arguing .aujanae's usually have a quantity of talent.aujanae is also commonly used as a name.
Au'Janae 's is a name aujanae is defined as a name
by Jassmyn smith May 17, 2018
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