Its the day a beautiful,hot gorgeous,fabulous girl was born with the best personality.She's a born leader and doesn't take crap.She's such a crazy bitch but we all love her❤she's the lowkey, fun type
Being a Virgo born on August 26th,you often impress others with your discipline,trustworthiness and generosity.While you may not feel every aspect of life is important, you take great care in dealing with those you do find value in.Your family and friends admire your work ethic ,but appreciate you more because of your generosity.There are many times when you are more concerned about others than your own physical or emotional needs
by @lowkey April 13, 2018
Kiss a stranger day. On august 26 kiss anyone that you just met, or saw from a distance.
I kissed 4 people at the party. It is august 26 after all.
Go kiss one of the girls there, its august 26 you have to kiss a stranger after all.
by realsmartkid October 14, 2019
The person born on August 26 is a great person, friend and has good music taste.
I'm so amazing because I was born on August 26!
by pseudo1234imcool January 6, 2020
Cuddle, kiss our f your crush
Ask him out
Tell him you want him
Wtv just make sure he knows his your crush
Person 1: On august 26 I throwed a party and invited my crush and told him I liked him
Person 2: omg is that the day he asked you to be his girlfriend??
Person 1: yea I'm talking about my current boyfriend :)
by August 18, 2022
The birthday of the most special and kind man in the world, there is not a single person in this world that doesn't love him , he shares smiles and joy. Most people know him from his role in the series teen wolf as Stiles Stilinski . DYLAN O'BRIEN'S BIRTHDAY OFCCC!!!
Zoe : Do you know who's birthday is on august 26 ?
Maria : No. Who ?
Zoe : Dylan O'Brien my fave actor !
by damonxdylan August 5, 2021
Your best friend has to buy you your favorite food
On August 26 your best friend has to buy you your favorite food
by Mlcg1 August 25, 2022