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This is a transmitter device placed in your tooth during a procedure similar to filing a cavity. Once in place, in association with a transmitter and a satiellited network. You can hear and speak to people similar to as on a cell phone, except you have no actual phone, or earphone or headphones or dial pad.
Your voice can carry through a network like a party line with a large group of persons. Im my case as many as 2000 people when the transmission is fully in place.
Although all seem good and positive, It is now being misused to psychology control and harrass persons who have had it implanted in them involuntarily,thus becoming a psychotronics victim. Where all your conversation is heard by people with criminal and malintent. They can steal your pin numbers, account numbers, social security numbers. They can hear personal and intimate conversations you have with others. If you were lets Say the Vice president of the United states, the equipt could be turned on to the spies, and the VP wouldnt know that he was being listened to, thus govt and state secrets could be stolen by persons adverse to the govt.
The sound, although at times which seems like it turned off to the listener, they can still be spied and LISTENED to without their knowledge or consent. It also has a capability of working with a LITE MIND READING DEVICE. It looks like a hand held game-boy, and in conjunction with the programming of the audio tooth, the handler can READ THE VICTIMS MIND. This device has an LCD screen of which all the victims personal thoughts appear and imagery as well. Thus in a situation, information can be stolen and abused. Persons who come up in the victims memories on the screen can be targeted.
The United States does not have access to this device . In 2009 it is currently sold only in the united kingdom and Budapesh.
It was intended to be a spy device, but in the Chicagoland area, a saudi sheik is financing an underground secret network of which a large group of people gangstalk and harrass a real witness to the 9-11-01 plotter.This underground is coverted and is not US financed or sanctioned. The United States didnt believe the witness, and the Saudis overtook the command of locating the 9-11-01 plotters who turned out to be Saudi nationals. There is a privately run military network built up in the United States where the public is being falsely advised that it is sponsored by the USA , when in fact it is all forgein financed and managed by persons in organized crime.
Anyone consenting to this device should know that you can be heard at all times. That you cannot control who hears you , and that you may be caught in a situation, where you may not be allowed to have the device removed from you. This is not an urban myth. But in fact the FUTURE technology of human implantation being abused as it freshly steps into the market place. Persons using this device may not be ethical and or of good character. Many sociopaths and con artists are found to be the most successful in the utilization of it in an underground society that is not acceptable.
The purpose of the AUDIO TOOTH SATIELLITED TRANSMITTER: is to engage in"hands free" communications, and could be used for positive purposes,such as a construction worker up on a high rise, able to communicate with the foreman down below many stories. Or a quarterback out in the field making a run taking directions from his coach on the sidelines. A police officer hands free to be able to use his gun in an emergency situation. A solider on the battlefield being able to stay in touch with his command base, while on recognize. It works similar to a "blue tooth" ear piece, except there is no physical equipment that can be seen or controlled.
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