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atomic lollipop AKA: xATOMIC POPx is the leader of a yet to be named clan. He and his group is known for playing BF3 and BF4. they are almost always MVP and greatly feared in any match. they are known for sharp room entries, brutal point takeovers and fierce air support. He has recruited two of his best friends he personally knows and two of his friends he has met via the crumbling lands of BF3. these group members all greatly respect each other in the group and don't consider anybody to be any higher rank than anybody else other thank atomic lollipop. these group members are: LucK Fayde, atomic waffles, Crash N Burn69 and samster4.
atomic lollipop's clan is rushing the m-com. were doomed.
by Crash N Burn69 September 29, 2013
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