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Kick Ass Music. Multi talented music band from Colombia and simply the best band from that country. Singer/songwriter Andrea Echeverri and bass player/producer/songwriter Hector Buitrago have been the head of the band since it was born in 1992. Every one of their albums is different. They do mixtures of rock, pop, electronic, bolero, andean music. One thing is for sure its always been their thing to transmit good energy through their music creations. Always promoting peace at their concerts, in recent years they've been more dedicated to writing about the environment, human rights, and spirituality. Several grammy nominations and of course grammy winners are internationally known from the U.S. throughout Latin America, Europe, and Australia. They have participated and collaborated with several artists on side projects english, spanish, portuguese. Always experimenting with new sounds and beats you never know what their next project will be all about.
aterciopelados in coachella 2010!
by donpipa February 05, 2010
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