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A person who constantly dribbles copious amounts of crap containing at least some degree of hilarity. It is has been hypothesised that said "asslols" subsist on a strict diet of both sausage lols and casserlol. It has also been surmised that as children they played mainly with lollerskates and barbie lols.
Asslol: My friend drowned in a bowl of muesli the other day...

Person: OMG really? That is so sad and unfortunate...

Asslol: Yeah... A strong currant pulled him in.

Person: Dude you are such a fucking asslol.
by Shazz058 September 25, 2008
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That person who keeps sending you LOLcat pictures while you're trying to get work done.
"I've got to get this spreadsheet done but I can't because that asslol keeps sending me LOLcats every five minutes!"
by SiftinJeff April 22, 2009
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