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when you are chillin with your bros and you pounce on them giving them a hug. This will creep the shit out of them, but its OK (awesome ninja shown with QK) since the No Homo is obviously implied. Unless the kid just naturally creeps the shit out of you, Then a swift kick in the balls will be a justifiable counter attack and must be applied with 75% force minimum, may increase depending on how much the kid creeps you out.
My bro was chilling at his locker so i assassin's-creed-hugged him. Apparently he wasnt as chill about life as I am, so after the hug he turned around and fucking 200% force kicked me in the balls. I was on the ground for my entire free period. I had to go to the doctors. Turns out no grandchildren for mommy. She was apeshit. Speaking of apeshit, after my balls had healed from their explosion, I came into school and found that kid. I assassins creed hugged him again and he kicked me in that groin area, since there were no more balls. I was totally fine and punched him in the face, knocking him unconsious. Then I pissed all over his body. After that we went to court. The judge called the other kid to the stand and full blown Assasssins creed hugged his ass all the way to jail. I WIN BITCH!!!
by ACHugg bitches February 12, 2011
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