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The worst possible end to a date.
"After my date with Amy, I walked her to her place but she only gave me an ass out hug. I cried and masturbated when I got home"
by Crew October 20, 2007
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When you're on a date out with someone and you don't want to get too close so you hug with your ass out. (or far apart/away from the other person.)

"I didn't know how close i should have gotten to her, so I gave her the ass out hug."
by x3 oNE KeWL KiD May 30, 2006
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The kind of hug where two people embrace but their butts repel eachother almost like magnets. When done between a man and women, sometimes has the ability to completely render all sexual,emotional and psychological interests nullified.
Tommy went to hug Layla after coming out to say hi to her. Upon hugging she moved her butt in opposition to Tommy, Tommy hasnt seen Layla since the day Layla gave Tommy an Ass Out Hug.
by El Blanquito April 13, 2012
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n. (ah-s -out h-uh-g)
an embrace between two people in which each person pretends to have positively charged hips.
Suzy felt quite awkward around Bobby during the first day of class, while Bobby thought Suzy was a fly happenin' kinda' chick. When class ended Bobby tried to give Suzy a hug. Suzy placed her arms around Bobby as Bobby did the same, yet Suzy's hips stood far away from Bobby's. When the hug was done and Bobby had been completely demoralized, Bobby realized he didn't like ass-out hugs.
by Patrick Jordan January 13, 2006
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