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a person loved by all who TRULY know him/her and is put on this earth for the sole purpose of giving hilarious entertainment. often misunderstood at first, but given time, will win you over. falls a lot, can't seem to walk in a straight line without busting his/her ass. witty, comical, and often uses outdated phrases that no one gets but still gets a good laugh because of his/her apparent stupidity. made fun of constantly, but usually in a good natured way. this person will usually come off as a weirdo, outcast, loser, etc. but if you give them a chance, you will not regret it!
1. -hey look at that girl who just got hugged by a flannel-wearing bear and almost shit herself!
-yep, must be the ass of the track team.
2.-why is that girl carrying around a decrepit Navajo blanket?
-idk, must be the ass of the track team.
3.-"where the hell did Katie gallop off to?"
-"you're the fuckin ass of the track team, im right here, dumbass."
by aottt 0 August 04, 2010
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