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a common misspelling of asbestos meaning nothing but people think it might be able to kill them just the same.
Im gonna die from the attic
by grammar cop December 05, 2010
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1.) A commonly used term for asbestos, but with a much more abrasive appearence; often abrasive enough to make someone cringe upon seeing it in writing or text.

2.) An asbestos like material that is far more dangerous than actual asbestos, and is often used to celebrate the rememberance of 9-11 by blowing it into the house of one's neighbor after setting a pile of money on fire.

3.) A word often mistaken as a mis-spelling of the word 'asbestos' by people who have no idea how fatal and dangerous aspestis actually is, and in some cases, people may not even be familiar with aspestis because the governments of the world have been trying to keep it a secret by distracting the masses with less dangerous materials such as asbestos.

4.) A word that only a genius would use.

5.) A material developed by scientist in Sweden to be used as an alternate fuel source for military purposes only.

6.) Superman's second weakness, aside from krytonite.
Johny: "I recently set a pile of money on fire, and blew some aspestis in to my neighbors house for them to injest."

Kevin: "I'm surprised you know what aspestis is. You must be a member of Mensa. I never knew you were a genius!"

Johny: "Only an idiot wouldn't be familiar with aspestis."
by CaptainSausagePants September 12, 2011
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