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Askia is an omnipotent black male with many powers. He is enlightened and filled with great intelligence and wisdom beyond his years, yet he knows how to have a good time, let loose, and act foolish with his "hood rat" friends that will try to act thug for fun even though they know they white as hell. Askia Is also very horny and constantly searching for his beautiful white girl to sweep off their feet and show them a good time. Askia can go all night and is great in bed. Even though he's promiscuous he knows when to tone it down and be sentimental even though he may make a wise crack here or there to break up the emotional, real stuff. But you'll laugh anyway since he's so funny
I hooked up with Askia last night. Now I need a wheel chair because I can't walk.
by Nagg December 24, 2014
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