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A compound and abbreviated word for "Asian Addict". Anyone who is obsessed with any and all things Asian. They generally know about the 3 year wait associated with things that will come to America ahead of time; and probably have experienced those things, such as fashion, movies (usually Asian horror flicks), and music. There are some specific groups such as Japanophile who are obsessed with anything Japanese, but ultimately leads to one central obsession of anything Asian. Asiads usually dress differently from western culture because of the influence of the quirky styles of Japan, Hong Kong, and Korean fashion. Asiads love all types of Asian clothing and study obsessively about the culture of Asian countries. Most likely an asiad has already learned a 2nd language of the Asian tongue, if not several. Asiad's dreams usually consist of visiting or living in Asia, or they most likely have already gone in a study abroad program to Asia. They love to eat Asian cuisine whenever possible, if not everyday. Most of everything that asiads buy are usually "imported" directly from Asia. Most likely, they have a Haduri personal page with all the movable pictures. They try to take pictures that are "cute" and close up face shots that are very white washed out so the only things that you can see are eyes, hair, and maybe lips. Asiads usually have fobby haircuts that resemble videogame characters, and are usually spiky or jagged hair styles; usually dyed a certain color to resemble their favorite Asian pop star. They love to listen to J-pop, J-rock, K-pop, K-rock, C-pop, C-rock, etc, and anything that has Asian lyrics even if they can't understand them. Most asiads love anime and usually are introduced to the whole Asian lifestyle because of anime. Asiads look very animated and have very animated personalities to the point of overly eccentric. Because of this, they are thought by many to be the dorks of society. Many attend anime or comic conventions and dress as their favorite anime or videogame characters. They love to date Asians and have tons of Asian friends. Male asiads are usually very feminine, imitating their favorite K-pop or J-rock star singer, they may even kiss other males. Male asiads also have the characteristic hairstyle that is usually long and styled in a way that makes them resemble a girl. The most frequent styles that they wear are very preppy, punk rocker, or hip-hop. Female asiads, in order to counteract the male femininity, act extra cute and dress very girly and sometimes in baby doll clothing. They always exhibit the manerism of puffing their cheeks up or pouting a lot, turning their feets inward so their toes touch, and expressing an innocent shyness. But, other females will go the other way and act very tomboyish or rebellious thanks to Hong Kong fashion and the J-rock styles of Japan. They are usually comparable to the scene styles of western culture, but they prefer being their own style rather than being grouped into the scene. Asiads love watching K-dramas, J-dramas, and the like. They try to act as fobby as possible.
You already got the newest manga imported from Japan by your overseas Japanese boyfriend?! You are such an asiad!

Your sister is an asiad because she memorized all the names of those Korean actors from that latest K-drama, and obsesses over them.

You look like an asiad that just got back from Harajuku, Japan. Your hair has 5 different colors, you have red eye contacts, and your clothes are so avant garde.

Asiads can be so sneaky sometimes because they act so coy and innocent, but then they talk about you behind your back. Don't trust their outward appearance.

That's it. I'm calling you an asiad because you've gone to three anime conventions in the past week and dressed up as a different anime character each time!
by Peter Zeeb Her January 09, 2008
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