A Skylit Drive.
Acronym for the name of American post-hardcore
band A Skylit Drive. They are from Lodi, California.
K: Yo Jeff! Did you listen to the new ASD album yet?
J: Not yet dude, lemme hear it!
K: Here dude.
J: Dude A Skylit Drive is the shit bro.
by SchafferJunior July 10, 2011
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Universal sign of frustration, coined by mercury whilst playing tf. Can be used in conjunction with "omg" and the infamous "."
30 seconds remaining
mercury took RED's flag
twisted gets a frag for the other team with mercury's death
mercury: OMG
mercury: OMg
mercury: asd
mercury: asdad
mercury: .
by twisted November 02, 2004
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American sign-language for the deaf.
There is a gorrilla that can say 2000 words in ASD.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 30, 2004
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what paul writes to see what your away message says...
Paul: asd
Automatic response from ...: I'm away from my computer right now.
by the Gunn May 05, 2005
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1.used in Shakespearian literature an acronym for average sagging dick meaning a struggling lower class male with little to no education.

2.Used today as an insult for someones penis
1.my lord some ASD is at the gates begging for food, send him away king George replied
2. My boyfriend has an ASD I can barely feel it
by David Davidson2 June 04, 2017
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The 3 letters in "sad" mispelled on purpose.

Just like the Eskimos have multiple words for "snow" og "ice" the Emos need many words to let everybody know how miserable they feel.

Emos are negative people. But positive to recycling. Hence "Asd" is not used by the die-hard Emos.
-Everything is kind of asd.

-Today I am normal. Asd allways.

-Asd, but true.
by El Vikingo April 20, 2011
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