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Quite simply, since the "World's Greatest Rock'N'Roll Band" is still around today (they formed in 1962), they still put out great albums ("A Bigger Bang" is REALLY good!), they still deliver great shows (I saw them live in 1997), as well as the fact they invented hard rock which set the foundation for many more styles like heavy metal, punk rock and more, and most of the original rock'n'rollers are either dead (Chuck Berry and Little Richard are exceptions) or the original superstar bands are disbanded then this term refers to age and generations. Yet the Stones still draw in so many fans of all ages because they're still vibrant and alive despite their years. Because of their legendary ground-breaking status the Rolling Stones are also nicknamed the Granddaddies of Rock'N'Roll, or similar appelations.
I saw Live 8 on TV. I saw Will Smith do a brief set and up next was the psychedelic rock powerhouse Pink Floyd. Of the four musicians, bassist Roger Waters looked the best - he sported a shock of gray hair, yet he still had all his hair. On the other hand, what hair guitarist David Gilmour had left was thinning and nearly white and he had a paunch. Drummer Nick Mason and keyboardist Richard Wright (R.I.P.) had their hair salt and pepper laced with gray. Still, they played really well. It's sad to realize that this was to be the last Pink Floyd show ever but this unforgettable evening was a wonderful way for the band to make their fare-dee-well. After I saw this I switched off the boob tube and told my folks about it outside. I had seen Pink Floyd live in 1994 and they looked different (older) in 2005. My dad said "What do you figure? Pink Floyd is as old as the Rolling Stones". Well, Pink Floyd DID form before I was born. Who will carry the torch? Richard Wright, R.I.P.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice February 28, 2009
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