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Hym "The (Psychic) Dictatorship of 'the people you SHOULD be listening to'. It's one large Tu Quoque fallacy. You can see it everywhere. All over YouTube. They don't just arbitrate what you should think or how you should behave... They also dictate 'Who should or should not be listened to.' YOU NEED TO BE TOLD THAT BY YOUR BETTERS APPARENTLY!

Literally 98% of the YouTubers "Don't listen to THEM! You don't even have to listen to ME... But you SHOULD be listening to ME IN ABSTRACTION as someone who WOULD say the things I WOULD SAY to reinforce my ideological presuppositions!"

Hym "See that? ☝️ THAT right there is something to watch out for..."
by Hym Iam August 11, 2023
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