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Aryiana is a queen. She stands up for what she believes in and doesn't care if your feelings get hurt. Aryiana is a smart very beautiful girl. Her smile and personality alone will make you fall in love. Aryiana has many friends and is very popular. Aryiana has hoes and many boys and girls want her.
Boy1: Dang,here go Aryiana.
Boy2: Aryiana so pretty if she ask me to jump i will say, how high for you baby
Aryiana: Ain't none of yal getting
by Sbshshsjsnssbksoak August 24, 2016
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this young lady is gorgeous! She is truly smart and just beautiful. Aryiana is very jealous and she doesn’t like things not going her way. Aryiana is very picky too she wants everything right if it’s not right she won’t take it. Aryiana is very fun to hang with. For the one lucky guy who has aryiana you better keep her she is amazing.
Person1: have you seen aryiana
Person2: no but I sure do miss her

Person1: without her it’s boring
by Nanny01 April 08, 2018
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