Where Japanese teenagers go to make out.

The equivalent of the American "make out point."
Japanese female student: "I've got two tickets to the art gallery."

Japanese male student to himself: "SWEET!"
by MeadXKing February 23, 2008
Vancouver Art Gallery (V.A.G.) is a pseudonym used for the vagina. It is often used to hide the true nature of a conversation.
Man, there is a nice exhibit down at that Vancouver Art Gallery. I really want to see it!
by t6783 September 30, 2009
a scammer who pretends to have an art gallery and preys on people who are looking for online jobs. he's a creep behind a computer who has no life, is too lazy to go to an actual school, and is too lazy to get a real job. run when he finds you.
you work at travis wallace art gallery?
damn, you're being scammed. RUNN!!
by ffrrrrffrrrrfffrrrr January 3, 2021