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a derogatory term combining the word "arse" and "whore" (although spelt "hoar" for phonetic reasons),an internet term used as an insult, combining the words "arse" and "whore"
"man, ive f**kin had enuff of u, get a life and stop wasting it on your comp"
"You Sir, are an arsehoar, end of."
by Marcus/Alasdair July 28, 2006
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A derogatory term, combining the words *arse* and *whore*, (althought spelt "arsehoar" for phonetic convenience). If I'm sounding too complicated you should have gone to a better school...owned.
1."what up man, how's it hanging gangsta?"
2. "You Sir, are an arsehoar of the highest standard"
1. "wtf d00d, u just totally blew away r frendship"
2. "Owned."
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