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A particularly noisome form of human excrement. Runny, smelly and not fully processed by the lower bowel. Often appearing shortly after prolonged and energetic anal sex. Can be used as an expletive.
I had to go very suddenly to the toilet, I could feel the arse gravy almost seeping out.

Arsegravy! Somebody's smashed my car!
by spunkism October 15, 2003
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This putrid and foul smelling substance is referred to by ignorant word abusers with the insufficient term "diarrhoea". However, we (the enlightened ones) understand that once diarrhoea becomes so diarrhoeal that its consistency is akin to that of well-stirred and ready-to-consume gravy then any term other than this is a shear fallacy. But beware! This term has often been misused to describe what may feel during production (and from a distance appear) to be free of that oh so commonly unnoticed grainy/sandy texture. Please note that unless upon further inspection it upholds a smooth, almost creamy quality, its just runny shit!
"Damn that last load of arsegravy is lubricating my arsecheeks so well I'm just gonna have to scoff another kilo of prunes!"
by Jimmy Bob-Bob February 10, 2012
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