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defense mechanism; combination of arrogance and sarcasm, in which the actual loser of a verbal debate negates any argument provided by the opposing side--often resulting in a sarcastic, "Oooooh, so I guess that settles it" response. Can be used directly or indirectly.
"But you can't fire me. I literally just said two seconds ago that I quit!"
"Nope, I fired you, sorry."
"But I..."
"Nope, you're fired."
"Such arrocasm!"

1. "Mr. President, we punished Japanese soldiers during WWII for waterboarding OUR soldiers. It's clearly torture."
"I assure you, America does not torture."
"Sir, we are legalizing a procedure that was punished when used against us!"
"What don't you get? America does not torture. We are defenders of freedom."

2. NBC News Economic strategist: "We are in a recession."
CNN Economic strategist: "We are in an unfortunate recession."
Fox News Economic strategist #3: "It will be very difficult to get out of this recession."
President Bush: "We are not in a recession."
by jrappa1 March 19, 2008
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A statement or action so arrogant, it could be perceived as sarcastic.
The following quotes and situations involve uses of arrocasm:

"The surge worked."
--George W. Bush

"You're doin' a heckuva job, Brownie!"
--George W. Bush

"To be honest with ya, I don't think journalists should be anywhere allowed war."
--Joe the Plumber, while reporting from Israel

"Hey guys, you want a story? Come here!"
(Israeli cameramen come over)
"You guys want a good story? Well, I'm not the story. I'm just an average guy."
--Joe the Plumber

"How about Sarah Palin last night, huh?"
--John McCain on the 2008 Vice Presidential Debates

"The fundamentals of the economy are strong."
--John McCain

"What do you expect? A team of mavericks."
--Sarah Palin
by jrappa May 02, 2009
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