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Adjective: To be uptight -- Interjection: Used as an exclamation of anxiety -- Verb: to betray, to ditch, to backstab; to be up in arms
Adj: Yo don't be armz, go to the club tonight.

Itj: He did what? Armz!

Verb: He armzed me. I didn't know there was a party yesterday.

by DrVa August 15, 2006
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armz means to suck, or if someting sucks or is bad
ey yo man ur fu*** armz playing yo gurl like dat!
by Sexy Chica September 1, 2003
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back the fuck up.. u dont want me drawin 4 my armz bitch
by LDNBADMAN October 4, 2008
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When someone or something is being arms at a next level, or on a habitual basis.

See "arms" or "armz".
Example 1

playa1: "yo, b that dude has been tryin to keep a playa down all day long"
playa2: "he must have mad armz disease"

Example 2

HP: "hey guys you gotta leave, we got the room booked"
Smiff: "yo wtf... dude got mad armz disease"
by P-Proper October 20, 2009
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