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Somebody who collects weapons, usually knives, guns, and swords, and talks a lot about warfare, violence and the the like. Has never actually fought in a war, or been in the military, but loves the two subjects. Fantasizes about being a navy SEAL or a federal agent. Usually a giant pussy when the shit actually hits the fan.
Greg: "Aw man, I wanna be a Navy SEAL soooo bad. Because they have the biggest variety of weapons to choose from. I just bought a shotgun with a pistol grip, so I'm already in training."

Kyle: "I'm gonna punch you in the face you armchair commando."

Greg: "Please don't! What did I do! No, stop! I'm sorry!"
by Lupara2012 July 29, 2012
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If a nerd isnt any of the following:
internet gangster
he is an...

An armchair commando is a lowlife nerd kid who sits at home shows off his military knowledge and argues about anything that has to do with military and politics involving military and pretends to know more than scientists do about ballistics, measurements, Parts of a weapon and more...
They quickly search through forums, wikipedias for more info and come to their own conclusion or most of the time copy and paste a paragraph from wikipedia
guy1: "m16s are cool thanx to the bullets they use!"
Armchair commando: "NO YOU DOUCHEBAG the m16 was developed BEFORE vietnam war and it uses the 5.56x45 milimeter round which travels around 3000 feet per second and the round disintegrates as soon as it hits rough surface....bla...bla.....bla....making the M16 AWESOME!.."
guy1: "duh thats pretty much what i said
by aJork July 03, 2009
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